GS 5930 UHF Ground Transceiver

Gs 5930 UHF Ground Transceiver

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The Becker GS 5930 Ground Station is designed for operation in civil and military control towers, air traffic control centers, control shelters or on ships. The GS 5930 is equipped with a receiver guard channel scan mode. The frequency range extends from 225 to 400 MHz VHF in 25 kHz/12.5 kHz, or 8 channel spacing. The channel spacing is given by the frequency. the equipment automatically switches to the right selectivity and audio frequency bandwidth. Up to 99 preset channels are available which can be programmed by the operator. To each channel the output power (hig or low), the squelch treshold level and offset frequency can be stored.

in addition to microphone and headphones connectors, speaker and radio status indicators, the operator's control interface is composed of a keyboard and a 4-lines/20-characters-per-line LCD, operated in "menus" oriented mode.

In addition, the transceiver is provided with a serial data link and the required input/output signals for total remote control. The rear panel has separate RF connectors for transmitter and receiver section, and also a location for a coaxial relay, allowing T and R antennas according the installation.

The transceiver, is 19" wide and 3U high, and can be supplied in rack mounting or desk version. Two power supplies are available : 24 V DC voltages and 85-265 V AC mains voltage.

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RF Power 30 W Type : GS 5930-30-(01) Power Supply : DC 30 W Type : GS 5930-30-(02) Power Supply : AC/DC
Power supply - a.c : 85-265 V, 47-63 Hz -d.c : 21-31 V (rated 24 V)
Channel spacing 25 kHz (12.5 kHz)
Frequency range 225-400 MHz
Dual scan function (monitoring two frequencies during TX/RX)
Selectable and adjustable squelch levels
Parameter setting via user menu
99 free editable memory channels
Non-volatile memory
Emergency mode
4 fully configurable audio outputs
Compliant with ETSI standards and type approved for ATM applications