LRC6201 Lighting Radio Controller (Remote-Controlled)

LRC6201 Lighting Radio Controller (Remote-Controlled)

Air Traffic Management Model Number: 13 / Part Number: 13

Lighting management made easy for uncontrolled airfields or helipads, thanks to a VHF based controller adjustable to every use case. Fitted with a configurable VHF receiver, the LRC6201 provides commands to the existing airport lighting system based on PTT signals directly triggered by the pilot.

The Air traffic and ground traffic management will be continuously interested in avoiding dangerous situations and to increase the security for all airport operations. The primary function is the safe approach and landing in difficult visibility, even on unmanned airfields or helipads.

The LRC6201 Lighting Radio Controller is used by pilots directly from their cockpit as a ground-based tool to remotely control the lighting of runways or helicopter landing pads. The pilot simply hits the transmit key on the specified frequency, in accordance with ICAO recommendations.

The main system component of the LRC6201 is the LRX6201 remote controlled receiver. It based on the technical know-how and quality rules of the established 6201 VHF transceiver series from Becker.

Additional features like different time settings for lighting activation and 8.33/25 kHz channel spacing rounds off the design. Designed for installations in cabinets or pre-mounted on a dedicated base plate, the LRC6201 is your ideal tool to optimize the conditions of runway lighting and brightness to your requirements any time you need it, even after duty hours.

Tags: LRC

Frequency range 118.000-136.990 MHz
Channel spacing 25 and 8.33 kHz
Supply voltage 120/230 VAC 12 VDC (option) / Pre-mounted on a base plate (300×300 mm)