Explosive and Narcotice Trace Detector Model Number: RT1003EB / Part Number: RT1003EB

NUCTECH™ RT1003EB Liquid Security Inspector   Summary NUCTECH™ RT1003EB Liquid Security Inspector Can analyze and identify most dangerous materials in various containers. Based on Raman spectroscopy of molecular detection, RT1003EB provides a reliable result of unknown liquid rapidly and accurately with a very low false alarm rate. RT1003EB, the new generation of RT series product, now combines non-transparent packaging identification in order to screening opaque container, such as metal container, black container and so on.   Unique design of two-sided door enables RT1003EB to work for dual-channel inspection at the same time, improving the efficiency of security checkpoint. With its excellent performance that ECAC approved, RT1003EB Liquid Security Inspector can be a powerful and ideal solution at airports for Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs) in all types of containers.

Technical Features

  • Accurate and rapid identification for suspicious liquids
  • Extensive library-adding new by users
  • Reliable result in 5 seconds typically
  • Dual-cahnnel design
  • Non-transparent container detection
  • Adaptive packaging recognition
  • Non-destructive and non-radioactive
  • Standard USB and Ethernet for data transfer and software update
  • User friendly interface with touch screen

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Technical Data
General Specifications
- Technology Principle Raman spectroscopy
- Detectable Threat Liquids Flammables, Explosives and precursors, toxic reagents, strong oxiding and corrosive liquids, etc.
- Open Database Extensible library, support new additions by users.
- Types of container Glass, plastic, paper, metal (Tetra Pak, foil, can, tin, aerosol)
- Readout Clear/Alarm (liquid security information) Identification Data with Raman spectrum Configurable visual and audible alarm
- Startup Time <60 seconds
- Standard Inspection Time ~5seconds
- Communication Interface USB and Ethernet LAN
- User Interface 7” LCD touch-screen
- Operation Temperature 0ᵒC~40ᵒC
- Power supply AC 100V ~ 240V 50Hz ~ 60Hz 40W
- Network Applications Centralized manage system
- Contrainer Size Shape : 35cm high and 20cm wide (or diameter) Volume : 2mL to 3L
Dimensions (LxWxH) 755mm x 442 mm x 532 mm
Weight (including battery) 27kg
Certification RT1003EB meets ECAC Type A and B Standard 3