Chemical Discharge Modeling System

Modelling software Model Number: 07 / Part Number: 07

CHEMMAP is a chemical discharge modeling and response system that predicts the transport, fate, and biological impacts of a wide variety of chemical substances in the marine environment and atmosphere.


  • 3D chemical transport and fate model in water and air
  • Includes integrated GIS, compatible with other GIS tools
  • World-wide application
  • Includes algorithms for dissolution, evaporation, volatilization, sediment interaction, adsorption, shoreline interaction
  • Easy to interpret visualization of chemical concentrations over time
  • Seamlessly linked to AIRMAP
  • Biological exposure model to predict exposed fish and wildlife impacts
  • Extensive chemical database providing physical-chemical data for over 900 chemicals
  • EDS: Environmental Data Server integration
  • Available as Desktop application, Web-based tool, and ArcGIS extension