Beacon Tester BT200

Beacon Tester BT200

Search and Rescue Products Model Number: 04 / Part Number: 04

New and Improved! The BT200 follows in the footsteps of the BT100– the most popular Beacon Tester inthe world! The BT200 has improved measurement accuracies, is inherently rugged, and is intuitive to use. Now completed integrated, this tester packs a whole lot of measurement capability into a very small package.


> Scalable to meet your requirements–EPIRB/PLB or add ELT,AIS,and LimitTester measurement capabilities

> Compact, rugged device with integrated receiver

> Familiar Android operating system

> Device is IP68 rated–waterproof and very rugged!

> Receives all Cospas-Sarsat frequency channels and protocols

> Measures RF parameters and modulation details

> Powerful 406 MHz graphic measurements for power, phase modulation and in-band spectrum

> Internal antenna receives 406 burst from very close to 10 meters away or connect beacon directly to tester at 50Ω

> No attenuator required

> Add text, audio, photos or videos to each measurement

> User-defined cable loss factor

> Easy to use file system

> Creates PDF Test Report

> Creates delimited text log file–for easy data extraction and analysis

> Easily interface to PC via cable, wifi, or USB drive

> Each unit includes a Certificate of Calibration with detailed calibration data

> Free software and firmware updates online

> Outstanding customer support

> Cospas-Sarsat Second Generation Beacon(SGB) ready

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