SARMAP Modelling Software

Search & Rescue Model and Response System

Search and Rescue Products Model Number: 05 / Part Number: 05

SARMAP provides rapid predictions of the movement of drifting objects and missing persons at sea. SARMAP includes the ability to deploy search & rescue units (SRUs) with search patterns and calculate probability of containment (POC), probability of detection (POD), and probability of success (POS).

Applications for SARMAP

  • Determine search area for missing vessels, persons or containers
  • Identify probable location of an accident site or lost object
  • Store home base locations of all available Search & Rescue Units (SRUs)
  • SRU Deployment and Search Pattern management
  • Floating contraband tracking
  • Reverse trajectory calculations


  • Uses RPS ASA’s own GIS or can be used in other GIS software such as ArcView®
  • Contains a database of drift behavior for a variety of objects based on the latest U.S. Coast Guard data
  • Easily interpreted visual display of search area over time
  • Performs a series of postulated accident sites to develop envelopes of likely search areas
  • Real-time data links, integrated with RPS ASA's Environmental Data Server (EDS)
  • Online web map and metocean data services
  • Links floating debris to find a lost object or an accident site
  • Rapid Response Module (RRM) or SARMAP Wizard to very quickly lead through the steps required to calculate a search area
  • Supports commercial nautical charts:
    • BSB NOAA Charts
    • MapTech Charts
    • NDI Charts
    • NOS Charts
    • British Admiralty (ARCS) Charts
    • C-MAP Charts

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