SkyTrax Voice

SkyTrax Voice

Voice Recording Software Model Number: 02 / Part Number: 02

SkyTrax Voice uses advanced an audio compression technology to maximize storage capacity and minimize network utilization when playing back or archiving calls over the network. An optional RAID 1 storage (mirrored hard drives) provides complete redundancy to protect critical data. Also available, optional offline archiving to Flash Drive, Tape Drive, as well as optional dual archiving devices and mirroring.

SkyTrax Voice Recording system has crystal clear reception with sensitive

programmable radios easy access. Live secure monitoring of any audio

channels recording.

Multi disk array storage holds millions of recordings in a centralized easy

searchable database.

Audio Voice Channels are easily connected.

Full integrates with your existing network and phone system.

Control Centre application:

Airport, Office, Customer Service, Telecom, Rail Road Station and other

many markets applications

Agencies/Installation :

Intelligence Agencies, Police, Security Department

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PHYSICAL Stand-alone desktop or rack-mounted (4U of rack height) Dimensions: (W x D x H) 19” 426.5mm x 177mm x 451mm)
SERVER SYSTEMS Industrial Computer Processor Intel® Xeon up to 3.5GHz processor with FSB 800/1066/1333 /1600 MHz RAM Up to 16 GB, HDD up to 3 x 1TB (RAID 0,1,mirror) Support two Serial ATA port, SATA hard drive
QUALITY VOICE CARD SPECIFICATIONS Analogue: 8 up to 64 (Audio Channels) Bandwidth: 300 Hz to 3.4 kHz with torerance of range 6dB Sensitivity: -35 to +6 dBV or 20 to +15, dBV selectable per channel Signal to Noice ratio: >40dB Crosstalk: >35dB with erase attenuation >60dB Distortion: <5% Input impedance: 600 Ohm – 50 kOhms with input level 10 mV to 2 V AGC range: 3dB / 40dB AGC attack and release time: 50ms and 500ms Isolation: > 1.5 kv rms AC, 50 Hz common mode Digital Extension Taps: 8 to 64 channels ISDN Basic Rate: 8 to 64 channels ISDN Primary Rate E1: 8 to 64 channels Recording format: WAV, MP3, gsm
STORAGE Storage capacity: 2 x 1TB (RAID 1,1,mirror)
MEDIA STORAGE Internal IDE TAPE DRIVE 35/ 90GB Internal DVD+RW 20x - 4.7GB or Double sided 9.4GB External Hard Drive 250 GB up to 1 TB
LOCAL AREA NETWORK Ethernet, TCP/IP or Token Ring Peripherals - dubbing cassette, media etc.
POWER AC Input: 110/220 V nominal, 50 / 60 Hz, 300 to 460 Watt
OPTIONS: Dual Hot Swappable PSU Remote access for off site replay and support Time synchronization using GPS Safety UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) Play back computer with time stamp