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IndoMega Teknologi Corporation

PT. IndoMega Teknologi Solutions connects its partners to more customers and more solutions with new partnerships, innovative services and business support across the technology supply chain.

Our comprehensive suite of value-added services and business support complements your expertise to help you unlock new markets and expand your solutions portfolio. Together with our world-class technology partner, we offer exactly the right combination of resources to help you bring more solutions to market and win new customers.

PT. IndoMega Teknologi Partnering Service shows how suitably matched companies can work together to their mutual benefit.

Partnering means collaborating on business agreements, allowing two companies to match their skills, go-to-market strategies, sales efforts and so jointly win new business. It reduces the total cost of new business acquisition and increases the value of the business won.

With valuable partner us together to fulfill needs.


  • To work in vertical market industry sectors

  • To achieve incremental sales and increased revenue

  • To extend product offerings

  • To reduce costs of

    • Gaining new customers

    • Providing customer services