BlueMega D-ATIS

BlueMega D-ATIS

Digital ATIS System Model Number: 01 / Part Number: 01

BlueMega D-ATIS is innovative leading Digital ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service) equipment with High Quality Voice and Multiple languanges.  It supports Aeronautical Weather information with voice level sound, data and intuitive GUI Images.  System's running under multi platform operating system with multi device components such as server and workstation platform with secured LAN connection.


BlueMega D-ATIS (Digital Automatic Terminal Information Service) automatically gets input data from AMSC / AMHS or has possible to obtain an input data from the meteorological sensor equipment. The secure connectivity is using wireless networking or CAT6 cable to be connected between ATIS Industrial PC Server and other equipment such as ATIS Client Terminal. BlueMega D-ATIS automatically produce text to speech ATIS message from input interface. It produces QAM / METAR message. ATC (Air Traffic Controller) can produce ATIS message for Departure and Arrival message.

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Text to Speech Conversion Natural Human Voice with ICAO Standard voice communication
Voice ATIS Setting Voice Configuration setting male or female Setting Voice volume level, Voice Speed, and Voice Pitch
Database Management Automatic store of ATIS Messages, cyclic Data Storage Management, Read/Write Database of ATIS Messages (as per ICAO ATN Sarp’s) - Alert Error message detection - Indicator Message from Met Report or Special Meteorology vocabulary based on WMO no. 306 General Aerodome vocabulary based on ICAO PANS ABC
Digital ATIS Message ACARS Standard with Automate or Manual Input D’ATIS Arrival, ATIS Departure
Data Automation AMSC and AFTN Data Integration
User Security Secure Multi Level Users Password, Command User Level Configuration
O/S Platform Compatible Multiplatform Windows 7, 10, and Server 2012
Data Input External Sources, Serial Data Communication (from AWOS such as Met Report and Special or AFTN/ AMSC) from more than one terminal) Pre-Review Voice Data before broadcasting Flexible Manual data entry from terminal workstation for Weather, Arrival Runway, Departure Runway and also Remark input recorded for user notification message Log file data input recorded and printing output
Report Request from Message text of request for External Devices ATIS report 9ver2) comply to AEEC 623, para 2.2.2, e.g: 0800 KPITA ATIS Report to External Message text of ATIS Report Devices Uplink (ver.2) comply to AEEC 623 para 2.3.2, e.g: KPIT ARR ATIS E; 1452Z 10 SCT E28 BKN
Automatically Change Automatic Voice Change Over /Active Redundancy Server and Active Standby Redundancy System and Output Data
LAN Support Secured Local Area Network D’Atis environment
Maintenance Integrated Remote Monitoring & Maintenance (RMM) and easy installation software