ATM Solutions

ADS-B OUT Unit for Ground Vehicles

Air Traffic Management Model Number: BAV6215 / Part Number: BAV6215

ADS-B OUT Unit for Ground Vehicles The BAV6215 unit is a compact and fully autonomous ADS-B Transmitting Subsystem intended for installation on ground vehicles operating in airport areas. This unit periodically reports the position and speed of the vehicle, thus providing valuable information for airport ground traffic management.

BAV6215 application include:

• Situation awareness improvement,

• Ground traffic management,

• Runway incursion prevention,

• Vehicle operation coordination and optimization

• etc.

The unit includes a GPS receiver with patch antenna which provides position and velocity data for the unit. Position and velocity data is processed and transmitted according to DO-260B standard at 1090 MHz. This makes the vehicle visible to ground stations and to aircraft equipped with 1090 MHz ADS-B receivers.

Maintenance and configuration is done via USB interface.